What is DOTA Customkey generator?

With this tool you can standardise your spell shorcuts for Dota-Allstars. Instead of each hero having a different set of shortcut keys, you can make all heroes use the same. For instance map a pattern like: 'S','D','F','G'. Now S,D and F will trigger the first 3 spells of all heroes and G will trigger the heroes ultimate. There is already a bunch of programs that can do this for you, but i believe my approch is a lot simpler and will be updated a lot faster!

How does is it work?

Just go to the generator page and begin to fill in your hotkeys. Hint: You dont have to select the button in the dropdown list, you can simply press the button on your keyboard. Instead of mapping each hero individual, I recommend that you use the patterns located under the pattern-tab. When your are done hit the generate button and the browser will prompt you to download the file CustomKeys.txt. Save this file to the root of your warcraft3 folder and make sure the "Custom Keyboard Shortcuts" option is checked in your warcraft 3 options menu. If your browser support cookies, your mappings will be saved untill your next visit :)

If you want to know more about this tool. Please visit the Frequently asked qustions section.

The generator

Try out the generator here