Extension Script - Windows only

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DCGExtensionScript2.2.ahk and the Sound files

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What is AutoHotKey and is it safe to use?

AutoHotKey is a small windows program that can be used to remap your mouse or keyboard. It is safe to use and contains no virusses or trojans. If you want to know more about the program or study the source code. Go visit their website

The script i wrote for AutoHotKey is also completly harmless. All it does is help you play DOTA. Below is a short description of what the script actually does.

When started it searches the registry to determine in what folder you installed warcraft 3. It then opens the CustomKeys.txt to determine your preffered inventory shortcuts. If it fails to do so it will prompt for the location of the file. When the script is activated(F5) your hotkeys will be active. If you mapped Q to inventory slot1, the script will catch your Q keypress and send numpad7 instead. So really all the script does is faking your numpad buttons. There is nothing new here. Warkeys and DotaKeys already have scripts doing this, but I thought including one of my own would make a nice finish for my tool. To make it even easier for you i have created an exe file containing both AutoHotKey and my script. Both script and exe file can be downloaded at the top of this page.