Why use Customkey generator instead of well-known tools like Warkeys and DotaKeys?

I saved the CustomKeys.txt file to my warcraft3 directory, but the shorcuts still doesnt work!

Rememeber to check the box: "Custom Keyboard Shortcuts" in the warcraft 3 options menu.

Im running windows vista or windows 7 and i cannot start the extension script

The extension script must be run as administrator. Right click on the file and click "Run as administrator"

Only some of my mapped hotkeys work. What is wrong?

This is most likely a conflict in your pattern. Two spells(in the same square) cannot have the same hotkey - Only one of them will trigger. If you do not choose a specific hotkey for your standard abilities(move,stop,attack etc.) they will be assigned the default values. The default value for Stop is S, so if you use S for one of your spells you need to assign a different hotkey for stop to avoid a conflict. The same goes for all the other standard abilities, but its often Stop because you hardly ever use it in DotA and some users of this generator just leave it blank. The easiest way to avoid a conflict is to assign a specific hotkey for all your standard abilities, even though you dont use them

Are older versions of Dota-Allstars supported?

Yes, but the earliest version supported by this tool is 6.54b

How did you figure out all the spell codes?

I use a special CustomKeys.txt file that allows me to see each spell code in the tooltip. The file is 62MB so the map will take a lot longer to load. Dont panic if the progress load bar stops ;). You can grap the file here. There is also alot of information available on the dota-allstars forum, especially in this topic

Why is the goblin shops not supported?

Each item in dota has a unique code that allows you to assign a hotkey to it. The items in the goblin shops have already been assigned hotkeys based on the position in the fountain shops. It is not possible to assign different hotkeys for the same item even though they are in two defferent shops.

I was wrong they are supported, but you need to fix your map first. Solution here

Why is the tavern hotkeys not working?

This is a map issue. A soultion is available at playdota.com. Link