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Hi folks!

Generator is up-to-date with 6.81d. Full changelog here. Thanks to all who contributed with codes :)

I recently became aware that my hosting provider had implemented a filter preventing people from Peru from accessing the site without my knowledge. The filter has been taken down and Peruvian visitors are welcome ones again. Sorry for the inconvinence!

Update 4.5: Fixed panda with aghanims

The stolen spell on Rubick cannot be solved with CustomKeys.txt. I recommend using the Invoker extension for this, just dont skill stats when you reach lvl 25 :)


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2016-12-15 17:22:50

2016-11-18 00:44:59

2016-11-05 20:45:13

jo, generator.php was not found.Can't generate Custom Keys (5.11.16)

2016-10-24 18:24:02

2016-10-10 17:16:20

2016-08-19 16:26:59

pila se fue el de mid NH NH NH NH NH todos en rosha gogogogogogoggogogooogog en tren

2016-08-18 02:53:33

Hi. Please we need customkeys for  6.85K RGC



2016-07-27 00:04:04


2016-07-05 18:24:17

Hi. Please we need customkeys for KAOLIN 6.85K RGC for your new skill STONE REMNANT.  


2016-06-15 20:20:34

There is a generator for 6.83 and 6.85 at dotacustomkeys.appspot.com. However, it's not as flexible as this one.

If the author ever gets to update this one, new map versions can be found at d1stats.ru. Those maps are used at RGC.

2016-05-21 12:58:23

Hi, I've been using your customkeys since 2011 but Earth Spirit's Boulder Smash isn't changing to the custom key 'Q' for me, it stays as 'D' which is difficult because it clashes with Stone Caller which is set as 'D' for me. I hope you could fix it or something.

2016-05-04 09:36:54

i am trying traxex and i can never use dispel. there are many other hereos that is not afflicted by the custom keys. new verion pls

2016-05-01 06:36:37

Update pls 6.83d

2016-04-29 07:50:52

We need update on custom keys

2016-04-22 04:51:44

Please make update 6.85k, please .

2016-04-05 11:38:59


please Support Chinese


2016-04-05 11:37:04

2016-03-19 03:33:15

Please make an update to 6.83d

2016-03-18 15:31:42

2016-03-14 19:20:11

6.85 is not offial. but 6.83d is offially by icefrog. would be nice to have updated keygenerator <3

2016-03-14 19:10:55

please create customkeys for dota 8.85 .

Ilove you custom genereator

2016-03-09 20:50:03

2016-03-04 15:13:03

Dota Custom Keys

2016-02-20 20:51:35

Hello ! Why we don't have a  new version of dota ? Because i can't use new spells (ex : blood seeker, bara....) Can u help me please

2016-02-18 19:47:45

Need Urgente 6.83.x  Customkeys  i see this why is complete. and tanks for support.

2016-01-20 17:00:17


2016-01-15 22:44:08

I'm having the same problem, F5 and F6 won't work, F6 is still doing de QuickSave shortcut function, the default one of the game. So I can't enable de custom keys, and can't use the items shortcuts or space to focus my hero, beside that the customkeys works well.

2016-01-14 06:11:29

Oh, guys, i'm having a problem.... I turn on the code of website but the itens hotkeys isn't running. I see the code, and i think the lines "///////////////////////////////////////////////////

// [positions]=6,7,9,10,11,12

// [item1]=A

// [item2]=S

// [item3]=D

// [item4]=

// [item5]=Z

// [item6]=C

// [activate]=F5

// [deactivate]=F6

// [toggleautocast]=F7

// [toggleinvoker]=F8

// [focushero]=SPACE

// [entersync]=F9

// [soundtheme]=2



Is not running. Pls help!

2016-01-05 08:16:09


2015-11-11 16:17:55


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